Your home is the best place for you pet, providing you're there. If you (the immediate family) are not in the home, it is then not the best place for your pet. You can have your mother, father, sister or brother come in to walk and feed your pet. You can pay somebody to come to your home to walk and feed your pet. Neither is the same as you or your immediate family being home. Nobody can take your place.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a safe, clean and healthy environment for your fur babies until you return. We have operated this kennel for over 30 years, and have expert knowledge when it comes to animal care. We have a dedicated staff to ensure your pet's well-being for the duration of their stay and we strive to make the kennel experience as stress free as possible. Please call to schedule a tour of our kennel to see for yourself.

To make sure all animals in our kennel are healthy during their stay, each pet is required to have the following vaccinations. Vaccines must have been administered by a Veterinary Clinic. If your pet requires an updated vaccination, it should be administered at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled arrival date. If you have any concerns about vaccines, we advise consulting your veterinarian to make the best decision for your pet.


  • Bordetella: Must have been administered at least 14 days in advance of stay.
  • DHLPP (Distemper / Hepatitis / Leptospirosis / Parvo / Para-Influenza)
  • Rabies: Needs to be up to date
  • Canine Influenza: Currently not required however, we do recommend it. Must have been administered at least 14 days in advance of stay. Discuss with your vet if more information is needed.


  • Rabies
  • Distemper

How to send your records to us:

Our dog boarding prices are listed here, on the Dog Boarding page. Our cat boarding prices are listed here, on the Cat Boarding page. We recommend you book your pet's boarding in advance, as we reserve that space for your pet the day you are expected to arrive. Day 1 is considered a full day, whether you arrive during the morning hours or afternoon hours. Upon return, if you pick up during the morning hours, you are only charged for a half day. If you arrive in the afternoon, you will be charged for a full day. When calling to book a reservation, please feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding pricing, or anything else. We do not accept credit or debit cards. Payment is either by cash or check.

The dogs go out 5 times a day, regardless of the weather. Rain or shine. We do this to ensure your dog's cleanliness habits, and provide the opportunity to stay clean.
No. At no time will we put your dog in jeopardy by taking them outside on a leash. After much consideration of the service, we feel this is a tremendous risk which we would not want for our personal pets when leaving them in the care of others. Each dog has their own individual indoor/outdoor run or a shared run if a family has requested that siblings room together. We feel this is much safer for your dog. Our intentionally designed schedule comfortably allows the time and the individual indoor/outdoor space for exercise.
No. We will never jeopardize your dog by putting them together with another dog they may not get along with. Only dogs of the same family, which are specifically requested to board together, will be placed together. Safety is our number one priority.
Yes. We have runs big enough to accommodate two large dogs, or more depending on size. There is a 10% discount on their stay for boarding together. Our feline accommodations can also house more than one cat if you would like your two cats to be together for their stay.
Yes. There is no additional charge associated with bringing your own food, and we encourage you to bring food the dog normally eats if they have a particularly sensitive stomach. We have two full kitchens in the kennel, should cooking or refrigeration be necessary. There is also no charge for administering most medicines. If your pet requires medicine, please provide clear instructions when you arrive on day 1 regarding proper administration, dosage, regularity, etc.
Our hours are listed here.
No, while people are not in the kennel building 24/7, the owner and family live within 100 feet and are usually on the property or in close proximity.
Yes! We offer grooming services. Grooming is not required after boarding, as your dog will be kept clean and safe. Please request grooming in advance when making the boarding reservation, or let us know when you're dropping off your fur baby if you'd like them to be groomed. If you'd like to arrange a grooming reservation without boarding, please call to schedule an appointment. We have owned and operated a grooming facility for over 35 years.
Yes. Boarding reservations over 30 days will be given a 10% discount.
It is seldom that a dog becomes sick while at our kennel. We maintain a strong relationship with local vets in our vicinity. If we cannot contact your vet, or in the case of an emergency, we will contact one of our local vets who will see your dog first. Please let us know at the time of arrival if you've recently changed vets so we can update our records accordingly. Also please advise us of any medical concerns or conditions regarding your pet.
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