Dog Boarding

When boarding at Waggin' Tail Kennels, your dog will be a part of our family, whether it's to spend just a day or a whole vacation with us. Each dog will have their own spacious, individual indoor/outdoor run. Dogs from the same family may board together in extra-large runs upon request. Our goal is to make your dog's stay comfortable and keep them happy and healthy!

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Dog Boarding Accommodations

Our facility is heated and air-conditioned with windows for natural light. We have music playing 24 hours for your dog's comfort.

  • Small dogs get 110 cubic feet of space inside (outside runs are significantly larger).
  • Large dogs get 252 cubic feet of space inside (outside runs are significantly larger).
  • Each section is sound-proof, water-proof, and fire-proof.
  • All runs are non-opposing (so dogs don't stare at each other, which is typical at some kennels) and include separation panels between them to eliminate fence fighting, stress, and cross contamination.
  • Bedding from home is permissible providing it is washable. We have found that twin size blankets, comforters, and artificial sheepskin mats work best.
  • Toys are welcome.

Meal Time

As part of our dog boarding program, we feed the dogs twice a day, at 9:00am and 5:00pm. If you feed only once a day we can happily accommodate. We feed a top quality dry food and mix it with a beef gravy or, if you prefer, we can leave it dry. You may also bring your own food at no extra charge. Your dog's comfort is our primary concern. If your dog has a special diet request please let us know. There may be an extra charge for home cooking. There is no additional cost for supplied treats or medicine.

Dog Boarding Pricing

You are charged for the day you come in, whether it is the morning or afternoon. If you pick up in the morning, you are only charged a half day. Afternoon pickups will be charged the full day. Daily pricing is as follows:

  • Toy (1-9 lbs): $38
  • Small (10-25 lbs): $39
  • Medium (26-49 lbs): $40
  • Large (50-75 lbs): $41
  • Extra Large (76-99 lbs): $42
  • Giant (100 lbs+): Please call


Long-term stay. Your pets are welcome here as long as they like. Any stay over 30 days will receive a 10% discount.

Dogs sharing the same run. Dogs from the same family may share a run. The total cost of stay will receive a 10% discount.

Requirements & Policies

To make sure all animals are healthy during their stay, each dog is required to have certain vaccinations. Learn more about our boarding requirements and other policies on our FAQs page.

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